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Wildlife watching from Somerset to the ends of the world

A Trekkers Guide to the Wildlife of the Nepal Himalaya

The Nepal Himalaya is widely regarded to offer some of the finest trekking opportunities on the planet. Well established routes offering superb views over iconic mountains, combined with facilities for all tastes and the famous friendliness of the local people create a wonderful outdoor experience. Along with the jaw-dropping scenery and the simple joy of a good hike, it is often possible to see a wide variety of beautiful wildlife. A typical trek will pass through multiple habitats as you gain altitide, from terraced farmland, through different forest zones and into the sub-alpine and alpine. Each of these ecosystems is home to many birds and mammals, often brightly coloured and approachable.


My new E-book

A Trekkers Guide to the Wildlife of the Nepal Himalaya is available:

yellow thraoted marten
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